About Us

Do you struggle to find a clinic and practitioners that you trust, where they actually listen to you, and provide great treatments and advice?

You can stop looking. 

We provide Acupuncture, Massage and Chiropractic treatments to people who need health care.

Our mission is to listen to your every concern, provide honest and valuable advice and give really great treatments! 

We hate it when patients feel like a number. When they’re swept in, left on the table, then pressured into another appointment. We can honestly say this is so far from us.

We go above and beyond. This is because for us, our work isn’t just a vocation. We’re truely passionate about healing people. 

We focus on recovery and prevention, getting you back to your best and helping you stay that way.

We offer a full suite of in-house services:

Chinese Medicine:


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For more information about us, please get in touch today by calling (02) 9659 6099 or drop us an email: enquiries@theacupunctureroom.com.au