Moxibustion is a heat therapy used in Chinese medicine. It’s a controlled and therapeutic heat that’s held directly above the skin’s surface, which is used to warm the area and increase circulation.

The heat that comes from moxibustion is generated by burning the herb called Mugwort– more commonly referred to as moxa. Moxa is rolled up into a stick, which is either held in the hands of the practitioner or is suspended in place with the assistance of equipment. Some practitioners may also use moxa in combination with salt or ginger.

Moxa never comes into direct contact with the skin; It’s held 3-4 cm away from the body’s surface. It’s similar to having a heat pack or hot water bottle applied to your body; Expect to feel warmth during the treatment. As the moxa stick is 1-2cm in diameter, the heat will only be felt in a targeted and specific area, such as an elbow, knee or shoulder.

Unlike acupuncture, moxibustion uses thermal heat to create a treatment response. This type of stimulation can alter cell activity, blood flow, pain perception and muscle state. What this does is stimulate the body’s natural healing process, reduce pain and increase tissue stretching. For these reasons, moxibustion is commonly used in this clinic for treating muscle tension and chronic muscle pain.

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