Emotional Issues


Emotional health is an important part of overall health. There are many steps that can be taken to improve our emotional health, helping us to lead happier, healthier lives. We all have the power to take control and get the most out of life.

What causes emotional health issues?

Emotional health refers to wellbeing and the way someone views, and lives, a life of wellness. There is a wide range of factors that can greatly influence our emotional health.

Emotional health issues can be caused by a mixture of biological, psychological and environmental factors. One may experience mental health conditions, lack of sleep, chronic stress, poor social circles or relationship problems, all which can impact on emotional health.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Heart is associated with all mental activity, consciousness, thoughts, feelings, memories, sleep and more. It’s damaged by excessive sadness. The heart offers a house for what we call the Shen or Spirit.

Shen can be translated as “Spirit” or “Mind” and implies our consciousness, mental functions, mental health, vitality, and our presence. In Chinese medicine, emotional health issues could be classified as a disorder of the heart.

Common patient disorders

  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Smoking addiction

Our approach

We believe for treatment to be effective, we do not separate the mind from the heart or the body.  We see you as an integrated whole and realise that happiness is a vital part of your health.

We take a personalised approach, using the results from your comprehensive consultation to form a unique treatment protocol. For any imbalances we diagnose, we use special acupuncture points for correction. Using points such as An Mian (Peaceful Sleep), Si Sheng Cong (the Four Angels) and Heart 7 (Spirit Gate), we are able to help the heart and bring about peace, balance and harmony.

Find out more about what we treat…

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