Timeline of Results


With traditional acupuncture, patients are achieving more active and healthy lifestyles. Every patient receives a customised treatment that can lead to personalised, powerful and practical results.

Here is what you may expect from your traditional acupuncture treatments:


Acute Conditions

Week 1

  • Perceived levels of pain decrease
  • Range of movement increases
  • Symptoms begin to reduce

Week 2

  • Perceived pain decreased or absent
  • Range of motion returned
  • Symptoms reduced or absent
  • Body feels more comfortable overall
  • Sleep may improve

Chronic Conditions

Week 1 to 4

  • Physical changes begin to occur
  • Perceived levels of pain decrease
  • Symptoms begin to reduce
  • Other symptoms manifest as old symptoms clear

Week 5 to 8

  • Perceived pain decreased
  • Range of motion returning
  • New symptoms begin to shift and reduce
  • Energetic changes begin to occur
  • Stagnation begins to clear
  • Healthy circulation and flow restored
  • Increased energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing

Week 9 to 12

  • Overall changes are most visible this week
  • All symptoms have been addressed and treated
  • Perceived pain decreased or absent
  • Range of motion returned
  • Treatment area is functional
  • Sleep may improve
  • Body feels rested and rebalanced


  • Maintenance
  • Recommended every four to eight weeks
  • Ideal for preventing re-occurrence and keeping conditions at bay

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Individual results may vary. Acute Conditions timeline is based on 2 treatments per week. Chronic Conditions timeline is based on 1 treatment per week.


If you would like to talk to a qualified practitioner about what to expect from your acupuncture session, please call (‭02) 9659 6099‬ or send us an email at enquiries@theacupunctureroom.com.au.