Sagging & Loss of Elasticity


Loss of elasticity in the skin is a natural part of ageing. While there are many factors that can speed ageing up, there are treatment options that can slow it down and repair some of its effects.

What causes sagging and loss of elasticity?

Sagging and loss of elasticity is caused by a loss of the protein, elastin. Elastin is what gives skin the ability to stretch and snap back into place quickly. As we age, skin elasticity weakens, giving the appearance of sagging, less firm and less youthful skin.

Our approach

Similar to our wrinkle and fine line protocol, special cosmetic acupuncture needles are gently inserted into the face to create a positive micro-trauma. The wound healing response brings qi and blood into the treatment area and stimulates fibroblast production. Fibroblasts make elastic fibres, which come together with other compounds to give skin its bounce and support.

To achieve effective results, we focus on stimulating elastin production, the essential scaffolding of the face, to strength and tone saggy skin for a firmer and tighter look.

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