Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone


The appearance of your skin is important. Pigmentation and discolouration on the face can leave you feeling self conscious, and age your appearance dramatically. With our targeted cosmetic acupuncture treatment, we aim to fade the pigmentation, getting your skin back to a youthful and even complexion.

What causes pigmentation and uneven skin tone?

Our skin contains cells called melanocytes that produce a chemical compound called Melanin. Melanin is responsible for giving human skin its distinctive colour. Melanocytes produce melanin at a steady, consistent rate, meaning our skin tone is nice and even. Pigmentation occurs when these cells produce either too much or too little melanin.

Our approach

To treat pigmentation and uneven skin tone, our treatment protocol directly targets the localised accumulation.  Our special cosmetic acupuncture needles break up and disperse the stagnant area to reduce the appearance of uneven pigments. We draw fresh qi and blood flow into the area to give your face back its glowing, even complexion.

Find out more about what we treat…

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