Timeline of Results: Cosmetic Acupuncture


From the minute you book your treatment, we guarantee you’ll be looking forward to comparing your before and after cosmetic acupuncture results!

With cosmetic acupuncture, patients are achieving a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Every patient receives a customized treatment that leads to personalised, youthful, and natural-looking results. 

Here is what you may expect from your cosmetic acupuncture treatments:

Week 1

  • Changes begin to occur at the superficial skin layers
  • Facial colour begins to change
  • A brightened complexion and glowing skin
  • Dryness begins to clear as skin is hydrated
  • Softened look as facial tension reduces

Week 2

  • Fine lines begin to reduce
  • Dryness clears and skin hydration continues
  • Pores close and skin begins tightening
  • Droopy muscles begin lifting and tightening

Week 3

  • Significant changes become more noticeable
  • Lines and wrinkles continue to reduce
  • Skin feels tightened
  • Skin tone is balanced
  • Facial tension reduced
  • Fullness in areas where loss of volume occurred

Week 4

  • Changes at the deeper facial layers
  • Neck, jowl (under chin) and eyes are lifting
  • Facial sagging reduced

Week 5

  • Overall changes most visible this week
  • Drooping around nose and mouth diminished
  • Lines and wrinkles softened
  • Face is naturally firmer and taut
  • Skin is hydrated
  • Complexion is even, bright and glowing


  • Maintenance
  • Recommended every four to eight weeks
  • To ensure long-lasting results that can last for years

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Individual results may vary. Timeline is based on 2 treatments per week

If you would like to talk to a qualified practitioner about what to expect from your cosmetic acupuncture session, please call (‭02) 9659 6099‬ or send us an email at enquiries@theacupunctureroom.com.au.