Preventative Anti-Ageing


One thing that we can’t change is the natural ageing process. What we can do however, is slow it down. Have your heard of the saying, prevention is better than cure? That’s exactly what we’re offering; a pro-active treatment to maintain your skins beauty. Why not get on top of your skin before it becomes an issue?

What causes ageing?

Many factors cause our skin to age. Some things we can’t do very much about, while others we certainly can. Our genetics are largely responsible for the changes that occur with ageing. The medical term for this type of ageing is “intrinsic ageing” and this type of ageing is inevitable.

The other type of ageing is “extrinsic ageing”. Extrinsic ageing is caused by factors outside of the body which impact on the face. Extrinsic ageing is easier to control than intrinsic ageing.

Our approach

We believe that you don’t need to wait for your skin to become problematic in order to seek out treatment. Our mantra is, prevention is better than cure. Why wait for your skin to become the very thing that you’re trying to prevent from occurring?

Our preventative anti-ageing treatment focuses on targeting the building blocks of your skin – collagen and elastin. The more building blocks there are, the stronger the foundation will be. A strong foundation is less likely to crack, or in this case, wrinkle and sag. Don’t wait for ageing to occur, let us help you maintain your youthful appearance.

Find out more about what we treat…

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